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Finished Products

Here you can enjoy projects I have been a part of (or find links to where you can get them).

You can also check out some of the credits for the original content on IMDB

Original Content:

Stranded on an island with your best friend… and talking stuffed animals.

I had so much fun acting in this project produced by Viewpoint Films.

I hope you enjoy watching it, as much as I enjoyed acting in it.

– Credit Details here



Giant Justice Crush is a comedic short film that combines old school Nintendo style video game graphics with live action. I enjoyed writing, producing, and acting in this.

If you have windows and want to play the game I made for the transitions, you can download it using the link below. Use arrow keys to move. Press “R” to Run, and “Esc” to exit. Enjoy!

Download Giant Justice Crush Game



This one was made for the Beverly Hill Playhouse Film Festival and was accepted into the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards festival. Cinematography by Ahmed Shehroze Yasin and Anna Pulido. Starring Karine Emmanuel and Michael Brandon Falk. Written by Bianca Desi and Michael Brandon Falk. Directoral debut by Michael Brandon Falk.


A short scene I wrote. Thanks to Chad C. Gall for helping with the script and directing. Thanks to Melly Rosehaven for acting. Thanks to Rich Gilliam and JP Pannelli for filming and editing.




This is a clip from our 48 hour film festival submission. (2015)



Celebrating 2 Million Celebrating Unity

Short Celebration Video made for the US Consulate General Lahore’s Facebook Page.Starring Alvin Shamoun and Pranay UnadKat. Produced by Ahmed Shehroze Yasin. Written and Directed and Edited by Michael Brandon Falk. It was on the news in Pakistan 🙂


Practice Scenes:

Social Network


The Forgotten
This was a practice scene shot and directed by Isaiah Smith ( We used a script from a T.V. Series called “The Forgotten”. Starring Victoire Charles( and Michael Brandon Falk.


An Education