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It takes multiple parts

Well I’ve been acting…writing…and directing… and brainstorming… Don’t get me wrong. I still go out and audition, but fortunately I’m surrounded by people who want to create content right now!

Let’s see, quite a bit of it started while I was taking classes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Mark Gantt, one of my teachers at the time, encouraged us to make short films for the BHP festival. Bianca Desai helped me brainstorm a plot. Ahmed Shehroze Yasin and Anna Pulido were taking film classes at UCLA and joined the project as cinematographers and producers.  Karine Emmanuelle from the Beverly Hills Playhouse joined in as the lead and also helped produce. I was directing, and it was the first time I could remember coming up with a story board and shot list. This was challenging and helped me see the script in a different way. We worked together  and got the film done in one day. Fun! Ross Funderburk made a really cool poster. It even got accepted into Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards and some people were able to see it on the big screen. We didn’t win any awards there but it was still fun to even get accepted. Oh yeah, the film is called Quatre Heures it’s on  imdb and if you have 5 minutes you can watch it here.

Oh Ya, we did another thing for the BHP Film Festival, David Roy and I made fun rap music video that Ahmed Shehroze Yasin filmed for us. It was loads of fun. It’s called Broadcast to the World. It was on zero-dollar-budget! Well sure we bought a few things at the dollar store 🙂

Anywho, another important event from my days at the playhouse was seeing David Roy perform an intense monologue that we had pieced together from Tom Hardy‘s film Bronson. The monologue was scary, funny, sad, sporadic. As Charles might say “it was madness at its best.” Quite entertaining. David approached me and asked me if I’d help him create a two man show about Charles Bronson ( Formerly Michael Petersen  now named Charles Salvador.) So we have been researching, reading, watching, listening, and creating. Big thanks to Tomi Skarica for taking phenomenal pictures of David Roy in character. Another big shout out to Ross Funderburk came up with a great design for the business card. I was able to put together this website about the show:  We are still working on the show, but check out the site and sign up for updates cause it’s gonna be quite a show.

In  other news, Ahmed Shehroze Yasin produced a project designed to create solidarity between Pakistani and U.S. citizens. Several of us were able to speak and sing in the film. It was aired on Pakistani national television! You can watch it here:


Ya, so that was fun.

Recently shot a comedic short that I wrote called “Dysfunctional Robot” We had a great team! Ahmed Shehroze Yasin was producing again. Anna Pulido directed, and had amazing endurance and perseverance. Through our many challenges she always kept a cool head and led us to victory. Super cinematography by Jon SchweigartAdina Abrahami did a phenomenal job on the make up, and was also the lead! It was my first time working with Alex Bennett, and he did a great job of really embracing his hilarious character and being creative with it. I was so happy to have Chul Hoi Kwon (aka Ian) of the Chuldon Remix Parodies act in this short before he heads back to Korea. Thank you to Pat Zahoran for her voice over work. Also thank you to Mason and Shweta for being a part of it. We had many setbacks, but the team pushed throw and got all the shots we needed before the sunset! It’s being edited right now. We hope to get it done in time to be submitted for the NBCUniversal SHORT FILM FESTIVAL. This will not be the last you hear of Dysfunctional Robot!

And recently I was honored to be a part of Golden Age, 2016 CSUN Senior Thesis film, Directed and Written by Jermey Ashley Pair, whom I had the honor of working with on a past shoot. This film is really cool, watch the pitch below. I’m really excited to have been able to be a small part of it and am really excited to see the finished product in a few months. I mean it’s such a great concept, dealing with dementia, family, connecting, film, Morocco, super 16mm film, action, comedy, so good!


So let me rap this up by saying this: originally this post was about how I have been putting on many hats, and have adapted to playing many parts to be a part of creating content, but what I realize as I write it is that these projects all have so many people moving in various parts to make something beautiful. Even the simplest ones require a team of people. You never know what is going to happen until you get out there together and start. Long live the dream! Long live the team! I think God for all these great opportunities and great people. The journey continues. As I like to say in Spanish “Pura Adventura!”