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Encouragement While Looking for Work

I’m not far enough in my acting career, to be able to have acting be my only source of income. Yesterday, I was handing out resumes at various locations. I walked into a St George’s Minimart on Crenshaw and Rosecrans and asked the owner if they were hiring. The owner smiled ( I think he may have been from some part of Europe maybe) and said “little English.” I gave him my resume and said ” I want work” and smiled. He said he would ask his wife, then asked me if I would like some water and pointed to fridge full of drinks. I said “anything” he said “yes” I said “free?” he said “yes” so I got a free cold Gatorade. He was so smiley¬†¬†So no matter where I end up working next, I will remember his kindness, joy, and generosity. I love Hawthorne.