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Our video in the news in Pakistan

Our Facebook video was featured on City42 News! Watch the report here!



Our video U.S. Pakistan Celebration Video got over 250,000 Facebook views and over 3,900 reactions

Ahmed Shehroze Yasin and I had the pleasure of creating this video less than a year ago. It got over 3,900 reactions and was featured on the news in Pakistan. Thank you!

Distribution. Oh Snap!

So awhile ago I was a part of a short film called I Am Action Man, I played a mentally different person in a rehabilitation center. I enjoyed the challenge of researching the role and embracing the character. It was an under 5 role, but I really enjoyed it. I also had a great time with the cast and crew.

Well today I received an email from┬áNathaniel J. Gonzales, the director, and it’s on Amazon!


It was also accepted into the Golden Panda Film Festival. The plan is for it to be distributed in China as well through a Chinese media outlet.

This is a first for me. This is the first time I have had a speaking role in a film that got distribution. It’s encouraging. It’s progress. It can be done. It’s one step closer to the goal. YAAAAS! Thankful. Peace, Love, and Adventure – Brandon